A poppy waking up… Captured 2014 in Sweden
Two amazing beauties seen in the fynbos around Hermanus, South Africa in 2018.
Favour some glowing blue? Rawsonville, 2012.
Bright red it is! Fynbos around Hermanus, 2018.
Flowering season at the West Coast, South Africa in 2014.
Spring in Örnahusen, Sweden. 2010
Almonds flower beautifully and share a lovely scent with you. Leucate, France, 2011
Mystic little beauty, found in the woods in Österlen, Sweden, 2007.
Filigrane white… Sweden, 2007.
A proud lavender. Österlen, 2007
Something purple beneath the fynbos shrubs… Hermanus, 2018.
Fynbos blossoms… Hermanus, 2016
Roses over roses, captured next to a farmstall in the Karoo. 2012
Little yellow friend from the woods. Österlen, 2007
Naturally shy… captured during a walk along the sea, Österlen, 2007
With a view onto the Baltic Sea. Österlen, 2007

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