Life is beautiful, unedited!

Life is beautiful…isn’t it?

It is beautiful the way it is, with all the ups and downs. Everything that happens is a lesson. Learn, and move on. Look at the amazing. Look at the different. Look into the future.

And that’s why I do never edit my photographs. I wish to capture the real moment. Either I am able to capture a good shot, or not. Then that’s fine, too.

However, what I love about photography is the possibility to look at reality from a different angle, in a certain perspective and: to emphasize a moment which otherwise might have gone unnoticed! To create memories, catch life in the blink of an eye! To be able to revisit these memories…

My mother always says: “No second ever comes back.”


Hopefully you will enjoy engaging with my blog and photographs, as I am trying to share some impressions of life!